Best answer: What describes the relationship between latitude and climate?

There is a relationship between latitude and temperature around the world, as temperatures are typically warmer approaching the Equator and cooler approaching the Poles. There are variations, though, as other factors such as elevation, ocean currents, and precipitation affect climate patterns.

What is the relationship between latitude and climate quizlet?

The higher the latitude, the lower the the average yearly temperature. [Average yearly temperature is warmer at lower latitudes from higher sun angle.] The higher the latitude, the larger the yearly temperature range.

Which statement best describes the relationship between latitude and temperature?

1. Which statement describes the relationship between latitude and temperature? As latitude increases, temperature increases.

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Why are climate and latitude so closely related?

Primarily owing to the tilt of the Earth’s axis, temperatures cool with increasing latitude, which is a measure of angular distance from the equator. This phenomenon creates three distinct climatic zones on the planet.

What happens to climate as latitude increases?

Temperature is inversely related to latitude. As latitude increases, the temperature falls, and vice versa. Generally, around the world, it gets warmer towards the equator and cooler towards the poles.

How does latitude affect climate answer?

Latitude or distance from the equator – Temperatures drop the further an area is from the equator due to the curvature of the earth. … As a result, more energy is lost and temperatures are cooler.

Why is it important to know the difference between latitude and longitude?

Latitude and longitude make up the grid system that helps us identify absolute, or exact, locations on the Earth’s surface. You can use latitude and longitude to identify specific locations. Latitude and longitude are also helpful in identifying landmarks.

Which statement correctly explains a difference between weather and climate?

What exactly is climate? Whereas weather refers to short-term changes in the atmosphere, climate describes what the weather is like over a long period of time in a specific area. Different regions can have different climates.

What is the difference between longitude and latitude Brainly?

Latitude alludes to the horizontal lines that represent the distance of any point, north or south of the equator, its direction is east to west. On the other hand, longitude implies the vertical lines indicating the distance of any point, east or west of the prime meridian, its direction is north to south.

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Is there any relationship between Milankovitch cycles and Earth’s climate?

The small changes set in motion by Milankovitch cycles operate separately and together to influence Earth’s climate over very long timespans, leading to larger changes in our climate over tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of years.

How does latitude primarily affect the controls of weather and climate?

Latitude is a fundamental control on every climate. It affects temperature by influencing the seasonal range in solar intensity. It influences precipitation in as much as evaporation is temperature dependent.

Why are both latitude and longitude lines necessary when identifying a location what is the role of latitude in climate?

When used together, longitude and latitude define a specific location through geographical coordinates. … Longitude and latitude lines measure the distance from the Earth’s Equator or central axis – running east to west – and the Prime Meridian in Greenwich, England – running north to south.

Which statement is true of the relationship between latitude and ocean characteristics?

Ch 6 Review MCs

Question Answer
Which statement is not true of the relationship between latitude and ocean characteristics? Are true: 30 to 60 degrees fluctuation pg.167 chart and graph
What is the name for a zone that decreases in temperature with depth? thermocline

What does the latitude of a place tell you about the climate of that place?

Climate Changes with Latitude. Placeslocated at high latitudes (far from the equator) receive less sunlight thanplaces at low latitudes (close to the equator). The amount of sunlight and the amount of precipitation affects the types of plants and animals that can live in a place.

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What is the relationship between latitude and precipitation?

At high latitudes and especially in the polar regions, the low precipitation is caused partly by subsidence of air in the high-pressure belts and partly by the low temperatures. Snow or rain occur at times, but evaporation from the cold sea and land surfaces is slow, and the cold air has little capacity for moisture.