Can you recycle wood in California?

Changes in State law have banned the disposal of treated wood in regular solid waste landfills and will impose significant new requirements on anyone who uses, stores, transports, and disposes of treated wood. … Visit or email

How do you dispose of wood in California?

It must be disposed of at an authorized landfill – as of September 2021, a special variance is no longer required to haul and dispose of treated wood. California’s DTSC has a new treated wood fact sheet with info on proper storage and hauling procedures.

Can you put wood into recycling?

As an organic material, wood is actually reusable and recyclable. You can either reuse wood products you have at home, sell them, donate them (to Habitat for Humanity), or segregate them and leave them out to be collected. If you wish to conserve the environment, do not be afraid to recycle old wood.

How do you dispose of old wood?

5 Options For Safe Wood Disposal

  1. Disposing at a wood processing facility. The demolition and construction of buildings generates a considerable amount of solid waste, though businesses can benefit by not sending their waste to landfills. …
  2. Reuse. …
  3. Recycling. …
  4. Biomass-to-energy. …
  5. Landfill.
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Can you throw away pressure treated wood in California?

The use of pressure treated lumber in California is as popular as ever for decks, fences, and retaining walls. … Following California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s veto of 2020’s Assembly Bill 68, treated wood waste must be disposed of at Class I Hazardous Waste Landfills.

Is pressure treated wood illegal in California?

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control says the wood contains toxic chemicals and cannot be burned, dumped or even left on the ground for more than 90 days. It can only be legally transported by a licensed toxic hauler and taken only to a Class One Toxic Waste Site or out of state.

How do I get rid of scrap wood?

Scrap wood can’t just be tossed out with your regular trash, making it difficult to dispose of properly. The easiest way to get rid of piles of scrap wood is to have them picked up and hauled away for proper disposal by the junk removal experts at LoadUp.

What can you do with waste wood?

Uses for recycled waste wood include traditional feedstock for the panel board industry, which still accounts for the majority of recycled wood, as well as animal beddings, equestrian and landscaping surfaces, play areas and filter beds.

What is considered treated wood waste?

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control defines treated wood waste (TWW) as wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives. … Fence posts, sill plates, landscape timbers, pilings, guardrails, decking and grape stakes are all examples of chemically treated wood.

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Can pressure treated wood go to the dump?

Homeowners and contractors buy pressure-treated lumber to build all sorts of projects. Just like any project using lumber, there are always cut-off pieces left over. As of Jan. 1, 2021, these cut-off pieces cannot be taken to your local landfill as it has previous to this date as it is considered toxic wood waste.

Where can I dispose of pressure treated wood in Sonoma County?

Sonoma Transfer Station (Disposal and Recycling)

4376 Stage Gulch Rd. NotesDrop-off and fee: pressure treated, railroad ties, telephone poles (less than 6 feet).