How can I recycle WhatsApp messages?

Is there a way to get back old WhatsApp messages?

Steps to recover deleted messages

Ensure that the chat backup option of your WhatsApp account is set to Daily. … After setting up the app you will get an option to ‘Restore’ all your WhatsApp chats. Click on the Restore option and all your old/deleted WhatsApp messages will be restored on your new smartphone.

How can I recover my 1 year old deleted WhatsApp messages?

You can follow below instructions to restore WhatsApp messages or chats from a backup:

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp.
  2. Open the WhatsApp database or backup folder. Decide which backup file you want to restore.
  3. Rename that file from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD. db. crypt7” to “msgstore. …
  4. Install WhatsApp.
  5. When asked to restore, tap Restore.

How can I recover my 3 year old WhatsApp messages?

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Messages on Android without Backup

  1. Download, install FoneDog Toolkit- Android Data Recovery and connect Android.
  2. Enable USB debugging.
  3. Choose WhatsApp Messages to scan.
  4. Recover Deleted WhatsApp messages without backup.

Are deleted WhatsApp messages gone forever?

WhatsApp does not delete your messages when you delete it, but just marks it as deleted. A recent finding from an iOS researcher Jonathan Zdziarski reveals that WhatsApp retains all your messages that you have been deleting. …

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How can I recover my 2 year old deleted WhatsApp photos?

Tap on Recover Lost Data mode > Choose WhatsApp Recovery option.

  1. Choose WhatsApp Recovery.
  2. Connect Phone to Computer.
  3. Make a WhatsApp Backup.
  4. Install WhatsApp Custom Version.
  5. Give the Access Permission.
  6. Restore WhatsApp Backup on the Device.
  7. View and Select Deleted WhatsApp Photos to Recover.
  8. Android Phone Storage.

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages without app?

The notification log can be accessed without the need of an additional app. Long press the home screen, then tap on Widgets > Activities > Settings > Notification log. You can then access the system’s notification log.

How can I retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages without deleting them?

Use Local Backup to restore WhatsApp Backup Android

  1. Step 1: Launch File Manager App. Take WhatsApp backup on local storage and access it by installing any File Manager or File Explorer app on your device.
  2. Step 2: Browse device’s storage. …
  3. Step 3: Rename backup file. …
  4. Step 4: Reinstall WhatsApp. …
  5. Step 5: Start Restore.

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages without backup?

This guide will show you how to restore deleted WhatsApp messages without backup, for both Android and iOS users.

  1. Connect the device and choose recovery mode. …
  2. Scanning the deleted WhatsApp messages on your device. …
  3. Select the WhatsApp messages to recover.

How can I recover deleted WhatsApp messages after 7 days?

Recovering Recent Messages

In order to recover messages which are less than 7 days old, you just need to reinstall the application on your mobile device: first, uninstall it, and then reinstall it again. WhatsApp automatically creates a backup of your data every day and saves it to your smartphone’s memory card.

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