How many ecosystems are there in Canada?

There are 20 major ecosystems — ecozones — in Canada: 15 terrestrial ecozones and 5 marine ecozones. The marine ecosystems cover parts of three major oceans settings—the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic.

What ecosystems are in Canada?

Canada’s main ecosystem types include forests, wetlands, grasslands, tundra, lakes, rivers, and coastal and marine areas. At this large scale, changes in the quality of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems can be seen by measuring changes in variables such as land cover or ecosystem productivity over time.

How many eco zones are there in Canada?

This map outlines the boundaries of the 15 ecozones and 53 ecoprovinces of Canada. These ecological areas cover all of the area within the coastal boundaries of Canada.

How many basic ecosystems are there?

The Impact of Sunlight on the Tropical Savanna

The Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change, Volume 1 identifies eight major ecosystems: temperate forest, tropical rain forests, deserts, grasslands, the taiga, the tundra, the chaparral and the ocean.

What is Canada’s biggest ecosystem?

Canada’s Boreal Forest stretches 574 million hectares across the country, covering approximately 57% of Canada’s land mass. It is one of the world’s largest intact ecosystems and home to a diverse population of wildlife.

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What is a Canadian forest ecosystem like?

The Boreal Forest is a national ecological treasure with vast lakes, green trees and flourishing wetlands that provide homes for a wide variety of wildlife. At 1.3 billion acres, the Canadian Boreal Forest is one of the largest intact forest and wetland ecosystems remaining on earth.

What are the different ecozones in Canada?

Terrestrial Ecozones

  • Arctic Cordillera.
  • Northern Arctic.
  • Southern Arctic.
  • Taiga Cordillera.
  • Taiga Plains.
  • Taiga Shield.
  • Hudson Plains.
  • Boreal Cordillera.

How many ecoregions are in Ontario?

Based on ecology, climate and topography, Ontario can be divided into four ecozones, and each is shared with other provinces and/or American states. Ontario’s four ecozones are summarized here based on information contained in the State of Ontario’s Biodiversity 2010 report (OBC, 2010b).

What continent does Canada lie on?

North America
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