Question: What goes in the blue recycle bin?

A. A lot of things can be recycled in the blue bin. Most paper products, including newspaper, office paper, cardboard, food boxes (including clean frozen food boxes), magazines, and advertisements. Paper products must be free of food waste, pet waste, oil or excessive dirt.

What can I put in my blue recycling bin?

You should only use your blue recycling bin for:

  • cardboard.
  • cartons (fruit juice cartons, milk cartons, Tetra Pak)
  • food tins and drinks cans.
  • mixed glass, bottles and jars (lids and tops can be either left on or off)
  • mixed paper.
  • plastic bottles (lids and tops can be either left on or off)

What goes in the blue bin UK?

Blue recycling bins are most commonly used in the UK to collect ‘dry’ recyclables, such as:

  • Paper.
  • Newspapers & magazines.
  • Cardboard.
  • Junk mail.
  • Telephone books & catalogues.
  • Cereal boxes (without the plastic liner)
  • Egg boxes.
  • Greeting cards.

What’s the blue bin for?

Your blue bin is collected every 4 weeks from the kerbside or the agreed collection point. You can recycle plastics, cans and cartons in your blue bin. It is important all of these materials are recycled in the blue bin and not put in the wrong bin/containers.

What can I put in recycle bin?

These items can go in your recycling bin, as long as they’re clean and dry.

  • Plastic Bottles & Containers. Clean and dry containers, then put the cap back on before tossing in the bin.
  • Food & Beverage Cans.
  • Paper.
  • Flattened Cardboard & Paperboard. …
  • Food & Beverage Containers.
  • Glass Bottles & Containers.
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What do the different colors of recycling bins mean?

Your coloured household wheeled bins take different kinds of waste. … your blue bin is for recyclable waste. your brown bin is for garden waste and food waste. your green or grey bin is for non-recyclable waste.