What is the difference between a wildlife veterinarian and a wildlife rehabilitator?

Wildlife rehabilitators care for orphaned and/or injured wildlife with the goal of returning animals back into their native habitat. … A wildlife rehabilitator is typically not a veterinarian, although some states automatically allow veterinarians to rehabilitate wildlife.

What is a wildlife veterinarian?

What is a wildlife veterinarian? … In general, wildlife rehabilitators and zoo/wildlife/exotic species veterinarians focus on clinical medicine and the health of individual animals. Free-ranging wildlife veterinarians focus on the health of wildlife populations and ecosystem health.

What degree does a wildlife rehabilitator need?

For most rehabilitators, NWRA recommends a college degree in biology or ecology. The curriculum should include ornithology, mammalogy, animal behavior, ecology, and related wildlife and environmental subjects.

What do wildlife rehabilitators do?

Wildlife rehabilitators are professionals responsible for the care and treatment of injured, orphaned or displaced wildlife. The ultimate goal is to return healthy animals to the wild by fostering their release into appropriate habitats.

What is the salary of a wildlife rehabilitator?

Salary Ranges for Wildlife Rehabilitators

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The salaries of Wildlife Rehabilitators in the US range from $10,028 to $141,665 , with a median salary of $25,955 . The middle 57% of Wildlife Rehabilitators makes between $25,955 and $64,336, with the top 86% making $141,665.

How do you become a wildlife rehabilitator?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have passed a state examination on wildlife rehabilitation, complete an application, provide evidence of a licensed wildlife rehabilitator willing to mentor them, provide evidence of a veterinarian willing to assist them and maintain approved facilities.

What kind of animals do wildlife veterinarians work with?

Wildlife veterinarians are licensed animal health professionals who specialize in treating many different types of wildlife, including birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. They may work either in a veterinary office setting or in the field.

What are the disadvantages of being a wildlife rehabilitator?

Cons: The wild animal will become dependent on humans to take care of them. You could potentially harm the animal more the helping it. Taking the animal out of the circle of life.

Is a wildlife rehabilitator a career?

Career Options

Wildlife rehabilitators can work for various governmental agencies, nonprofit groups, zoos, and humane societies. They may also have another primary occupation, working as a veterinarian, veterinary technician, zoologist, or biologist.

Can you make money as a wildlife rehabilitator?

Pay Scale. Most wildlife rehabilitators are volunteers. Paid positions do exist, however. The general annual pay range is between $20,000 and $40,000, with senior positions at large facilities having salaries of up to $75,000 per year.

How do I become a wildlife rehabilitator in Virginia?

Two types of hands-on wildlife rehabilitation training are available at the Wildlife Center: rehabilitation externships and internships. Externships include 600 hours of training during a minimum of 12 weeks, while the internship offers advanced training in wildlife rehabilitation during a one-year program.

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What is considered wildlife rehabilitation?

Wildlife rehabilitation is a profession involving the treatment and care of sick, injured or orphaned wild animals with the goal of releasing healed animals back to their natural habitats in the wild. … It combines aspects of veterinary medicine, animal husbandry, animal behavior, biology and other fields.

Where do wildlife rehabilitators make the most money?

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Wildlife Rehabilitation Jobs

City Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Richmond, CA $55,190 $26.53
Stamford, CT $53,740 $25.84
Bellevue, WA $53,595 $25.77
San Francisco, CA $53,131 $25.54

How much do Zoo vets make?

Zoo Veterinarian

at BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo
Job Type Full-time
Closing Date 30/10/2020
Salary $65,624.00 – $104,998.40
Reference Number ZV2020

How can I work with animals without being a vet?

Here are 12 jobs working with animals that could pay the bills:

  1. Groomer.
  2. Kennel attendant, pet sitter and dog walker.
  3. Veterinary assistant.
  4. Laboratory animal caretaker.
  5. Trainer.
  6. Veterinary technicians.
  7. Animal control worker.
  8. Conservation and forest technicians.