What is the value of biodiversity quizlet?

Biodiversity provides direct and indirect economic benefits and maintains a healthy biosphere. You just studied 9 terms!

What is the value of biodiversity?

Biodiversity is essential for preserving ecological processes, such as fixing and recycling of nutrients, soil formation, circulation and cleansing of air and water, global life support, maintaining the water balance within ecosystems, watershed protection, maintaining stream and river flows throughout the year, …

What is the value of biodiversity to humanity quizlet?

2) biodiversity performs a number of ecological services for human (which have economic, aesthetic or recreational value) – conserve ecologically nonequivalent species. Goods that can be directed valued because they provide something that can be extracted and sold.

What is the value of biodiversity to humans?

Biodiversity plays a crucial role in human nutrition through its influence on world food production, as it ensures the sustainable productivity of soils and provides the genetic resources for all crops, livestock, and marine species harvested for food.

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What are the levels of biodiversity and how are they valuable quizlet?

What are the three levels of biodiversity? Genetic (diversity of genes/traits in a population or species), Species (the diversity of species in an area or globally), Ecosystem (the diversity of ecosystems that results in diversity of species) .

What is biodiversity value Mcq?

Explanation: Biodiversity forms the backbone of viable ecosystems on which we depend on for basic necessities. These ecosystem services play an important role in the functioning of our climate and in both air and water quality.

What is biodiversity and explain its values?

Biodiversity or biological diversity simply means the variety and variability among living organisms and the ecological complexes in which they occur. Such variety refers to the variety at the species, genetic and ecosystem level.

What kind of value does biodiversity have within an ecosystem quizlet?

Biodiversity—the variety of genes, species, and ecosystems on earth—has intrinsic value as well as extrinsic value, or value to humans. The value of biodiversity to humans is often described in terms of four categories of ecosystem services: provisioning, cultural, regulating, and habitat services.

Which of the following are reasons to value biodiversity?

Here are six reason why we should all value the biodiversity of the earth.

  • Moral reasons. …
  • Aesthetic reasons. …
  • Providing important natural functions. …
  • Biodiversity provides actual and potential material and economic benefits to people.
  • Continuance of evolutionary processes.
  • Insurance.

Which of the following is a direct economic value of diversity?

Answer: The direct value of biological diversity describes the direct economic value of the products sold, while the indirect economic value describes the intrinsic value. The direct value of biodiversity comes directly from an organism. Examples of the direct economic value of diversity are cooking, medicine.

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What are the direct values of biodiversity?

Direct values include the ways in which biodiversity is used or consumed by man e.g. fishery and forestry products, as well as the ways in which it affects mankind through its ecological processes e.g. watershed protection or the role of vegetation in the carbon and water cycles.

Which is the greatest value of biodiversity for us?

Environmental Benefits

The biggest impact of biodiversity is on the environment. Healthy ecosystems help to maintain the Earth’s natural processes. Soil turnover, water purification, pest control, and other processes wouldn’t be possible without the species that support them.

What is biodiversity How is it classified explain the values of biodiversity?

Biodiversity includes the number of different organisms and their relative frequencies in an ecosystem. It also reflects the organization of organisms at different levels. Biodiversity holds ecological and economic significance. It provides us with nourishment, housing, fuel, clothing and several other resources.

Which of the following describes a benefit of biodiversity to an ecosystem quizlet?

Which of the following describes a benefit of biodiversity to an ecosystem? Biodiversity may help a species survive a variety of environmental changes. In this model, the dark and light wheel-like shapes each represent different members of an animal species in an environment.

What is diversity and biodiversity?

The term biodiversity (from “biological diversity”) refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and can encompass the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life.

What is biodiversity quizlet environmental science?

biodiversity. the degree of variation of life forms within a given species, ecosystem, biome, or an entire planet; a measure of the health of ecosystems relative to latitude.

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