What US city has the same climate as London?

Quite a lot more in fact, beating London’s average rainfall of 23 inches by a substantial amount (Seattle has 38). The average temperature in both cities is also fairly similar, with London being slightly colder, but not by much. But Seattle does see far more hours of sunshine, despite having a higher rainfall.

Which US city is most like London?

ultured, artistic and packed with heritage, Boston is geographically the closest US city to London, where Brits can feel completely at home.

Which US state has climate similar to UK?

There are only two States with small zones with similar climate:

  • the extreme NW corner of Washington State, to the west of Seattle/Tacoma and south of Vancouver Island , BC.
  • the southern-most coastal zone of Alaska, which separates BC from the Gulf of Alaska (Pacific Ocean). This is north of Vancouver Island, BC.

Where has the same climate as the UK?

Plenty of regular rain, a maritime influence, and very variable weather – sound familiar? Roughly the same size – and close to the same shape – as Great Britain, New Zealand is often regarded as the southern hemisphere equivalent of the UK.

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What cities are most like London?

Which of these 4 cities are most similar to London?

  • Bristol (13) 36.11%
  • Edinburgh (14) 38.89%
  • Nottingham (7) 19.44%
  • Sheffield (2) 5.56%

Where do most Brits live in the USA?

It’s no surprise that New York City is home to the most amount of Brits. However, Portsmouth, is where you are most likely to run into one. Among all the places where Brits reside, the independent city of Portsmouth, Virginia has the highest concentration of British expats relative to the city’s population.

What US city is most like Europe?

Five U.S. cities that feel like Europe

  • Boston, Massachusetts – feels like England and Italy. …
  • Leavenworth, Washington – feels like Germany. …
  • Holland, Michigan – feels like Amsterdam. …
  • New Orleans, Louisiana – feels like France. …
  • Solvang, California – Feels like Denmark.

Which US state has the most similar weather to the UK?

Of all the regions in the United States, the Pacific Northwest is the one whose climate is perhaps most commonly compared to that of the U.K. Not only are its winter temperatures fairly similar but, on a list of U.S. cities with more than 180 days of solid overcast per year, Seattle and Portland ranked first and second …

Is London rainier than Seattle?

A lot of people may not realize, though, that Washington averages more rain than those cities even in a normal year. The average annual rainfall amounts in Seattle and London are 37 and 23 inches, compared with Washington’s 40 inches. … Their rain typically falls gently, compared with that in Washington.

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Which world city has the same climate as New York?

New York City, New York, and Buenos Aires, Argentina

With more than 5,000 miles separating these North and South American cities, it may be surprising to learn that they both experience mild conditions that are contrasted by humid and hot summers.

Does New Zealand have the same climate as the UK?

In simple terms, almost the whole of New Zealand is warmer and sunnier than the UK. … New Zealand winters, unless you live in the mountains, are shorter, warmer and sunnier than the UK. The fact that New Zealand lies closer to the equator than the UK means that its winter days are longer and the nights are shorter.

Is UK colder than USA?

Most of the East Coast of the US is a lot colder than the city areas of the UK in winter, and certainly the entire southern part of the US is a whole lot hotter in summer (and most of the year in most places). The Midwest is generally hotter in summer and colder in winter.

Which country has the most similar climate to the UK?

“Japan is probably the only other place that has similarities to the UK when it comes to weather,” says Chivers. “It is similar to us but in reverse. It is an island and has the Pacific Ocean to the east and Eurasian continent to the west. Britain’s variations in weather really are that rare.”

What is the closest city to London?

Major cities near London, United Kingdom

  • 46 miles to Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
  • 69 miles to Southampton, United Kingdom.
  • 88 miles to Coventry, United Kingdom.
  • 89 miles to Leicester, United Kingdom.
  • 102 miles to Birmingham, United Kingdom.
  • 106 miles to Bristol, United Kingdom.
  • 109 miles to Nottingham, United Kingdom.
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Is England and London same?

England. England is one of the four countries that make up the UK and one of the three that makes up Great Britain. England is the largest country in the UK with a population of 51 million. London is the capital of England.