Which type of climate will you find at 30 degrees north latitude?

At 30 degrees latitude, the dry air creates deserts. Major deserts of the world, including the Sahara, Arabian, Gobi, Great Victoria, Kalahari, Atacama, and the Chihuahuan/Sonoran deserts occur around 30° N or 30° S.

What type of climate would you expect at 30 degrees north and south?

The air that rises at the solar equator descends near 30 degrees N or S. … As the air mass strikes the ground in subtropical latitudes and spreads to the north and south, it draws moisture from the land, creating zones of arid climate centered at latitudes of about 30 degrees north and south of the equator.

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What is the pressure at 30 degrees north and south and what type of climate is there?

When it reaches about 30° north and south, the air cools and sinks towards the ground forming the subtropical high-pressure zone. As the air sinks, it becomes warmer and drier. This creates an area of little cloud and low rainfall, where deserts are found.

What climate is found between 30 and 60 north latitude?

humid continental climate, major climate type of the Köppen classification that exhibits large seasonal temperature contrasts with hot summers and cold winters. It is found between 30° and 60° N in central and eastern North America and Asia in the major zone of conflict between polar and tropical air masses.

Where is latitude 30 degrees north?

The 30th parallel north is a circle of latitude that is 30 degrees north of the Earth’s equatorial plane. It stands one-third of the way between the equator and the North Pole and crosses Africa, Asia, the Pacific Ocean, North America and the Atlantic Ocean.

What is 30 degrees north and south of the equator?

The horse latitudes are located at about 30 degrees north and south of the equator. It is common in this region of the subtropics for winds to diverge and either flow toward the poles (known as the prevailing westerlies) or toward the equator (known as the trade winds).

Why are there deserts at 30 degrees north and south?

Most of the world’s deserts are located near 30 degrees north latitude and 30 degrees south latitude, where the heated equatorial air begins to descend. The descending air is dense and begins to warm again, evaporating large amounts of water from the land surface. The resulting climate is very dry.

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What pressure is at 30 degrees?

Variation of tire pressure with temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius

Pressure at 20°C (68°F) 10 psi 30 psi
32°F 8.3 psi 26.9 psi
14°F 7.5 psi 25.4 psi
−4°F 6.6 psi 23.9 psi
−22°F 5.8 psi 22.4 psi

Which continent is located at 30 degrees east longitude?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The meridian 30° east of Greenwich is a line of longitude that extends from the North Pole across the Arctic Ocean, Europe, Turkey, Africa, the Indian Ocean, the Southern Ocean, and Antarctica to the South Pole.

Why there is low pressure at 30 degrees from the equator?

Because more solar energy hits the equator, the air warms and forms a low pressure zone. At the top of the troposphere, half moves toward the North Pole and half toward the South Pole. As it moves along the top of the troposphere it cools.

What happens at 20 30 degrees north and south of the equator to create a desert area?

Air at the equator rises and cools – condensation then forms rain. The air then moves north and south until it gets to about 30° north and south of the equator, where it sinks. … Most moisture falls as rain before it reaches the land, eg the Namib Desert in Africa.

What is the climate of northern Alaska?

The climate in the extreme north of Alaska is an Arctic climate (Köppen ET) with long, cold winters, and cool summers where snow is possible year-round.

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What is the climate found near 60 degrees latitude?

Polar climates are found mainly above 60 degrees north latitude or below 60 degrees south latitude. They are the coldest climates on Earth. These places get less of the sun’s direct rays because of the tilt of Earth’s axis. Temperatures are extremely low during winter!

What city is 30 N 30 E?

Cairo location and latitude and longitude (30N, 31E)

What country is 30 degrees south and 30 degrees east?

The 30th parallel south is a circle of latitude that is 30 degrees south of the Earth’s equator.

Around the world.

Co-ordinates Country, territory or ocean Notes
30°0′S 29°1′E South Africa KwaZulu-Natal – passing just south of Durban
30°0′S 30°57′E Indian Ocean

Which ocean is found at 30 S latitude and 30 W longitude?

From Pole to Pole

Co-ordinates Country, territory or sea Notes
81°55′N 30°0′W Greenland Mainland and Sokongen Island
68°10′N 30°0′W Atlantic Ocean
60°0′S 30°0′W Southern Ocean
76°35′S 30°0′W Antarctica Claimed by both Argentina (Argentine Antarctica) and United Kingdom (British Antarctic Territory)