Why does Kanyakumari experience an equable climate Brainly?

Kanyakumari experiences equable climate because it is located near the coast, and there is not much difference between the temperatures during the summer and winter months.

What causes equable climate Class 9?

Equable climate is caused because they are situated close to or along the hence the influence of the sea has an effect on the temperature. The diurnal range of temperature is less hence it has a moderate or maritime climate. Therefore the annual range in temperature is low.

What does an equable type of climate experience?

In a one sentence explanation, equable climates are periods of roughly equal temperatures throughout the world. A more detailed description focuses on the equator to pole temperature difference (EPTD) and the seasonality in the high-latitudes, or regions that are above 60°N or below 60°S.

What is equable climate answer?

Introduction. The term equable climate has been used to describe the global extent of warmth in past climates, which have a reduced equator-to-pole temperature difference (EPTD), warm polar regions with a reduced seasonality and ice free conditions at both poles [1,2].

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What is equable climate give examples?

A large part of southern india , because of its long coast line , comes under the moderating influence of the sea . As such, the difference . This is known as equable climate . If we compare similar places on the same latitude and altitude we can appreciate the effect of the sea.

What is equable climate Class 9?

Equable type of climate is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. Daily and annual range of temperature is low. Equable type of climate is generally found in areas close to the sea. This climate is also known as a maritime climate.

Why does Thiruvananthapuram experience equable climate?

(i)Thiruvanantapuram has equable climate because of two reasons (a) It is on the sea coast. The moderating influence of the sea makes the climate equable. … At the equator, all the seasons have similar temperatures and so this makes the climate equable.

Why Kanyakumari experience an equable?

Kanyakumari experiences an equable climate because it is located near coast side. So there is no extra difference between summer and winter. For located in coast area Kanyakumari always gets a monsoon weather, a winter’s wind.

Why does Kanyakumari experience moderate climate?

i)Kanyakumari experiences equitable climate throughout the year as it is situated near the ocean. … Land breeze and sea breeze leads to humidity and moderate climate in these areas.

Why Amritsar has extreme climate while Kanyakumari has moderate climate?

Amritsar has extreme temperature because is located far away from the Equator and close to the poles and the fact that Amritsar is close to the Himalayan Mountain Range also adds on to it. Whereas, at Kanyakumari the temperature is moderate because it is located close to the equator and is also located at the sea.

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Which of the following place has an equable climate?

Delhi is the state that has equable climate that has been consider by factors obtaining from moderate climate changes.

Why do coastal areas have equable climate?

coastal areas enjoy equable climate because of the occurance of sea breeze and also due the high specific heat capacity of water , it absorbs the heat over ther land without itself becoming so hot ,and thus , keeping the land cool and moderate .

What do you understand by equable climate and extreme climate?

The areas which experience equable climate has the same climate throughout the year. Places which are far away from the sea experience extreme climate, i.e, very hot summers and very cold winters.

What is equable climate Class 5?

Equable climate is the climate where periods of roughly equal temperature all of throughout the world. … The annual range of the temperature is low.

Why do coastal areas experience less contrast in temperature conditions?

The coastal areas experience less variation in temperature as compared to land. The reason is that the heating or cooling capacity of water is much less as compared to land. … Therefore areas near sea or ocean have more moderate temperature in the day time and less cooler at night.

Does Mumbai have a equable climate?

Answer: Mumbai experiences equable climate whereas New Delhi experiences extreme climate.