Your question: Is rigid foam insulation recyclable?

FACT: Foam is recyclable. There are over 200 foam recycling drop-off locations across the U.S., including in and around most metropolitan areas.

Can rigid foam be recycled?

Real Styrofoam is a type of extruded polystyrene foam, or XPS. … Real Styrofoam is not used for these purposes, so any foam containers or packaging you’re likely to have at home is EPS, not XPS. Although it carries a recycling symbol, EPS is not recyclable in regular curbside recycling programs.

What can I do with leftover foam board insulation?

Donate the Insulation

Or try the Restore retail outlets that are open to the public to purchased used building materials. The Reuse Network ( can assist you in finding an organization in your area that accepts construction materials such as foam insulation for building projects.

How do you recycle XPS foam?

The following is one way of XPS recycling.

  1. Drop the XPS material into the GREENMAX recycling machine, and then the crusher will cut the material into fragments to the bottom bin. …
  2. When the XPS ingots are cooled down, they can be transported to the manufacturer to produce pellets.

How do you recycle foam packaging?

Once you’ve confirmed that foam cup and food service containers are accepted in curbside blue bins where you live, recycling them is a breeze. Just like other recyclable food packaging, foam food containers just need to be wiped of food residue and can be placed on your curbside receptacle.

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How do you get rid of Styrofoam insulation?

Go to, type in “polystyrene” and your zip code, and it will tell you where your closest drop-off site is. The Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers (AFPR) has a list of centers that will accept your excess EPS via mail.

Is XPS foam recyclable?

Please note the following products cannot be accepted for recycling: extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam including meat trays and egg cartons, disposable food service items such as cups or clamshell containers nor packing peanuts.

Is foam recyclable in California?

All clean Styrofoam can be recycled, including block, egg shell, and clam packaging. Finally, other plastics can be recycled, including plastic coat hangers, toys, swimming pools and laundry baskets.

What type of foam is recyclable?

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is 100% recyclable and is being recycled by businesses and consumers across the world. EPS can easily be recycled into new foam packaging or durable consumer goods like cameras, coat hangers, CD jewel cases and more.

Why is styrofoam not recyclable?

The problem is the weight. The exact reason that makes Styrofoam, or EPS so attractive to be used as packaging is the same reason it is difficult to recycle. … With material this light in weight – it takes a very high value, (and quantity) to cover the cost of transportation, handling, and processing.