Your question: What is the difference between ecosystem of hilly and Terai region?

How is hilly region different from Terai region?

The weather is also different from region to region. Himalayan region is on the height above 3300m from the sea level. Likewise, Hilly region altitude ranges from 600to3300m and Terai is nearly up to 600m high from the sea level. It is hot in Tarai and cold in Himalayas.

What type of ecosystem is found in hilly region?

Hill region is very rich in biodiversity. Forests of uttis, katus and chilaune are found here. Due to the altitude and topography, different types of plants like sal, simal, peepal, salla, bamboo, etc.

What are the major effects seen in ecosystem of Himalayan Hilly and Terai regions of Nepal?

The mountain ecosystems of Panchase region are also highly vulnerable to the impacts of a changing climate. Rising temperatures and increasingly unstable rainfall patterns are drying up water sources, changing vegetation characteristics, and making landslides more frequent and severe.

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Why is the ecosystem of Terai region more degraded?

Due to human activities, development, construction and modernization, the ecosystem of Terai region has been adversely affected. The livestock farming such as cattle and goat for milk, meat, manure and other purposes has also been done in Terai region.

What do you mean by hilly region?

A hilly area has many hills. The areas where the fighting is taking place are hilly and densely wooded. Synonyms: mountainous, rolling, steep, undulating More Synonyms of hilly. COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary.

Why is the lifestyle of Mountain Hilly and terai region different from each other?

And:-The lifestyle of mountain, hilly and terai region is different with each other due to difference in geographical structure and altitude. … The Terai region lies in the southern part of the country. It has a hot and humid climate- The landform is plain and the soil is fertile.

Why is the Terai region important?

Economically, the Terai is the most fertile and productive region of Nepal where agriculture dominates. The main agricultural products are rice, jute, sugar, mustard, tobacco, herbs and spices. Most of the agro-based industries are here. In addition, the region is rich in forestry.

How many ecosystem are found in Terai region of Nepal?

The low-lying southern plains, or the Tarai region, uniquely feature Terai-Duar Savannas and grasslands of WWF’s Global 200 ecoregions, three Ramsar sites and World Heritage sites. The Tarai region is both an economically and ecologically important region.

Why biodiversity is different in different geographical regions?

There diversity in the ecology of the places which is also termed as ecosystem biodiversity. And due the variation in the ecological regions, diversity arises in the genes and the species of that place. Biodiversity in species is the result of the diversity in the ecological regions.

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What are the major environmental problem of hilly ecosystem?

Write mitigating effects and measures for minimization of the effects on ecosystem of the hilly region. The major problems are: Over use of land. Rapid Population growth.

What are the effects on the ecosystem of hilly region?

Natural environment is being deteriorated by collecting firewood, fodder, medicinal herbs from the forest. To minimize these effects, awareness in people to protect forests should be arisen. Due to development of infra-structure, forests, sources of water, habitat of wildlife etc are being destroyed.

Is a mountain an ecosystem?

mountain ecosystem, complex of living organisms in mountainous areas. Mountain lands provide a scattered but diverse array of habitats in which a large range of plants and animals can be found. Lower slopes commonly are covered by montane forests. …

What is the area of hilly region?

In contrast, the Hill region which ranges in altitude from 610 metres to 4,800 metres above sea level is densely populated. About 45 percent of the total population of Nepal lives in the Hills, which cover an area of 61,345 square kilometres.

Why is ecosystem of terai region affected more than that of other regions?

Due to human activities, development construction and modernization, the ecosystem of terai region has adversely affected. The people of terai region are also dependent on agriculture and forest products as in other ecological regions. … The land in this region is fertile.

What are the economic activities of hilly region?

Products and services from the mountains and hills form the basis of many economic sectors including agriculture, forestry, pharmaceuticals, rangeland production, tourism, and biodiversity conservation.

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